You can download the latest revisions to the 2004 Florida Building Codes by just following these simple instructions. You will need your license number that came with the CD to be able to download the updates.

For Existing Customers who have Previously Installed the CD:
You will need to download the automated update program to be able to receive the new updates. You will click on the button below to download the program. This program will be put into your start menu as “Get Updates”. You will need to go online to download the updates. You will need to follow the screens below once you have download the one time install of the program.

For Network CD Installations:
For any customers that have a network install, the “Get Updates” function needs to be put onto the same network machine that it was initially installed to. Updates for all end users will need to be run by first updating that network machine.

During the installation process, the "Get Updates" install will first look in the default directory for Folio Views. If it does not find it, then it will prompt the users to select the directory / folder in which Folio Views resides. It will also ask whether or not the user wants the shortcut to the Get Updates program added to the Program Group accessible from the Start Menu.

Below are examples of the screens you will see during the download process.

Get Updates is a program for updating a user’s Folio infobases. The initial screen, shown below, displays a short message, 2 buttons, a status window and a progress bar.

After the user clicks the “Check for Updates” button, the updating process begins. The program checks the latest infobase file dates under the URL An infobase needs updating if the file date of the remote infobase differs from the local one or if the local infobase is missing. Also, only infobases the user has purchased will be checked and downloaded.

During the update, the “Check for Updates” button will be disabled. However, the Exit button will be replaced by an Abort button for stopping the update process in the middle.

The status window will describe the infobases being worked on and whether they need updating or not. In addition, any errors will be reported here.

For installation support questions please contact Electronic Media at 1-888-ICC-SAFE (422-7233) ext. 33822 or email If you are unable to download the updates you can order an updated CD by calling the above number.

To download the automated update program, click here.